Question on SCR and Outlook 2003 clients

I am testing SCR in a VM environment. Everything works great except for Outlook 2003 clients trying to connect after a failover to the SCR server. Outlook 2007 works perfectly. With Outlook 2003, I keep getting prompted for a username and password when trying to login or create a new profile. The only way I can get it to work is to create a new profile and put in the IP address of the new server. It then resolves. The thing is, we don't really want to have users to do anything. I did change the DNS record to point to the SCR server but that does no good for Outlook 2003. Has anyone else run across this and if so, what is the best solutions, besides updating the client to 2007. AD does contain the correct information and if I try to connect the same user with Outlook 2007 it works.Also, the original server is not online when I am doing this. I am trying to simulate a disaster. Is this why Outlook 2003 won;t work correctly?
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Nuno MartinsCommented:
For what I understand the behavior that your are reporting is normal.
Clients should now be able to access their mailbox depending on several factors:

Active Directory replication latency
CAS server has been updated with the correct information
OL 2007 will use autodiscover to find the mbx
However OL 2003 will not automatically configure the client unless the old server is still online and can be contacted. (That is not the case correct)

osiexchangeAuthor Commented:
Correct. The old server is down as it would be in a disaster senario. So what you are saying is SCR does not work with Outlook 2003 very well, if at all unless the old server is still online, which it probably would not be in a disaster.
Nuno MartinsCommented:
:).... Probably in your scenario.
But a disaster is not only when a server goes down, right?
You can have problems with the database etc....

BUT i understand your frustration .... the problem is that outlok 2003 is legacy client... the auto-discover features that outlook 2007 has are different then the outlook 2003

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osiexchangeAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks. I figured as much. I guess its another reason to upgrade to Outlook 2007.
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