New install of Trend micro 2009 slows down programs 500%

My client installed this version of PC-Cillin.
After install an estimating program which runs on two computers but one contains the database.
After install the program takes 500 percent longer to run.
I know this because I timed it and when i disabled the pccillian program the opening times returned to normal. Estimating software is CCC Pathways.
Any ideas? How do I fix this?
Or just junk PC Cillian?
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michkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Their 2007 version had this problem if you had Spybot installed.  Here is the fix for that just in case it is also occurring with 2009:

I haven't heard of any major slowing issues with their 2009 product.  However, I personally use Avast for antivirus and Malwarebytes for ad/spyware solutions.  

You may want to consider opening a case with TrendMicro support:

As always, any other expert is welcome to submit additional suggestions.

Kelvin_KingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does this happen to just that specific program, or to all your programs.

If it's happening to all your programs, then yeah junk it.

If it's just that one program, then there are several things you can take note of.

1. Does it use certificate logon? If so, PC-cillin might be trying to verify the certificate
2. Is the program a trusted application? If no, PC-cilling might be trying to verify it as well as all the database traffic.
3. If there is some sort of network access during the program start up, PC-cilling might be inspecting all the traffic if it does not trust it.

Hope that helps.
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