sql server 2000 not relaying mail for one instance


I need an help on this issue, this is an peculiar one, we are having one  Sql server 2000 on our environment on which we have got 2 instances running, I had setup an scheduled task to send mails everyday once the sql backkup is completed for each of the instances. The issue is one of the instance sends mail every other day, the other instance is fine. I deleted & recreated the task.

The mail client used is outlook profile since sql 2000 does not support SMTP. Both the instances are using the same profile. I checked thorugh messgae tracking on my exchange 2003 server, I  found the other instance is not been sent o the exchaqnge server every other day. Any help on this.

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NeelSeshanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
How to toubleshoot this issue any ideas
Sounds more like this is a process issue, rather than a mail client or server issue...
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