Adding Ricoh printer drivers to an image before running sysprep

Currently, when I have a user at a remote location that wants to use one of our IP printers I have to install the drivers manually since they are not native to Windows XP. What I was wondering is if it were possible to take my exisiting image and somehow load the printer drivers so that when someone does need to connect to an IP printer, the manufacturer and driver are available from the list during the Add Printer Wizard.

Does anyone know if this is possible?
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dfxdeimosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This site has an awesome guide to building your own custom XP installs:

I think the section that talks about drivers is in the "Intermediate" section.
Rory de LeurConsultant End-User ComputingCommented:
You can use the Driver Install Frameworks from Microsoft. In this package is a tool called DPinst.exe, this is a commandline tool that Installs the driver in the Drivercache. When a user plugs in the device the driver automaticly installs without popups.

Product info:
Download info:
Go to printers folder
File menu- server properties- controller (maybe drivers or other name Im not using an English installation) - add  and the driver that you wich as if you were adding a printer.
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