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on load populate combo box from php value

here my problem
i have a combobox that populates schools..i want topass the value of this school to a php page that has a combobox init and if the value = a value then it selects that value.


Wittenberg University
University of Louisville
West Liberty State College

user has picked school 2 from previous page. and this value is in $school_pick as "University of Louisville"

how do i get an onload for the combo box to populate the combo box to reflect that please

thank you for any help and code you may propvide
i thought i could do this but its not working
<body bgcolor="#ffffff" link="#5e2f2f" text="#000000" vlink="#666666"  onLoad='document.form.School.selectedIndex = "2";'>

<P><strong> College: &nbsp;
    <SELECT name='School' size='1' onChange='reloadCities(this.selectedIndex);' onclick='enableLoft();'>
      <OPTION value='0'></option>
      <OPTION value='Wittenberg University'>Wittenberg University</option>
      <OPTION value='University of Louisville'>University of Louisville</option>
      <OPTION value='West Liberty State College'>West Liberty State College</option>
&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;
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1 Solution
Here is one way of doing it:

<?php $selected = 'selected="selected"'; ?>
<SELECT name='School' size='1' onChange='reloadCities(this.selectedIndex);' onclick='enableLoft();'>
  <OPTION value='0'></OPTION>
  <OPTION value='Wittenberg University' <?php if($school_pick == 'Wittenberg University') echo $selected; ?>>Wittenberg University</OPTION>
  <OPTION value='University of Louisville' <?php if($school_pick == 'University of Louisville') echo $selected; ?>>University of Louisville</OPTION>
  <OPTION value='West Liberty State College' <?php if($school_pick == 'West Liberty State College') echo $selected; ?>>West Liberty State College</OPTION>

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JohnnyAuthor Commented:
thank you
JohnnyAuthor Commented:
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