Windows Mobile 6.1 wont download email attachments

Hi Experts - I'm stumped.

I have a SBS2003 server with Exchange2003SP2.

I have Windows Mobile handsets which sync over ActiveSync - i-mate KJAMs on Windows Mobile 5, and HTC TyTN II /  Touch / Touch Dual handsets on Windows Mobile 6.1

The windows mobile 6.1 handsets will not download email attachments - if you click on an attachment the green arrow appears saying it will be downloaded, but then it disappears after a few seconds. No error message is given on the handset.

Here's some log snippets:

Here's what a *failed* download to a Windows Mobile 6.1 device looks like in my IIS log.

2008-11-03 04:49:53 W3SVC1 GET /exchangeDAV/(username)@(domain) - 80 - Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/6.5.7638.1 401 1 0

This message repeats ~4 times, each time 401 unauthorized.
Here's what a *sucessful* download on a WM5 phone looks like in my IIS log

2008-11-04 00:26:30 W3SVC1 GET /exchangeDAV/(username)@(domain) - 80 (NETBIOSDOMAIN)\(username) Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/6.5.7638.1 200 0 0

As you can see, the WM5 device sends a username, the WM6.1 doesnt. Why?

Everything else works fine on the WM6.1 device (exchange sync wyse). OWA also works and can download attachment. Outlook RPC/HTTP also works and can download attachments.
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RichConnect With a Mentor Network EngineerCommented:
Finally a solution.
We moved Citrix licensing and shut down the services but didn't uninstall it.

I just removed the JK ISAPI filter and it's all working fine now.

Could you verify if background scanning and proactive scanning is enabled on Exchange server.
vonsanchezAuthor Commented:
Nope - No active scanning or background scanning on this exchange server.

Attachments fail to download after the user actively requests them - after clicking the attachment to initiate a download.

Normal activesync process is not affected, however, setting activesync to download full emails regardless of size *and* their attachments causes the same behavior - emails download, just not attachments.
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I have been looking all over for a sollution to this myself. Do you have Citrix Licensing on the same server? In that case have a look at this:
Seems like there is no official fix for this yet.
I'm having the same issue and had a look at zinbad's link.
There is a link to download his patched dll, but the link is broken. Can anyone point me to another copy?

Has anyone found any other solutions?
I've been having the same problem.  Though this is not a solution, I set up a new Exchange server and moved my mailbox over to it an voila! I was now able to download attachments.  As soon as I moved my mailbox back to the original server, I was again unable to download attachments.  Mine is a fairly straightforward, basic Exchange setup so I'm not sure what the differences are between the two servers that would allow one to work but not the other.  Just wanted to post this in case it was helpful to anybody.
The fix from the link zinbad posted earlier worked for us, now that the download link on the page is working again.

I was dubious about using his DLL, but who couldn't trust a face like that :)

Thanks Thomas    ... and zinbad!!!

We did have Citrix Licensing installed on the server
The file sizes were completely different and the original didn't seem to have any version details
We didn't check the file for securty holes or malicious code and could be horribly expossed for all we know ;)
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