Getting additional spaces on the To: field after sending email

Everytime I send an email out I get a few spaces added afte rthe email name to who I'm sending it to. I a te only one this is happening to, any ideas? I've run this to thedebugger andcan't find what's  adding it. I'm pretty sure it's in my mailfile but I can figure out where it's happening. It is causing an agent to not function properly.
padillrrProject CoordinatorAsked:
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1) Try to replace the design of your mail template from the one on the server.

2)  Do you have the same Notes client version as others ?

I hope this helps !
padillrrProject CoordinatorAuthor Commented:
I have the same client, the mail template has been modified by the previous deveoper, it does not seem to affectanyof the other employees just me. I'm thinking of recreating my ID would that help?
padillrrProject CoordinatorAuthor Commented:
Yeah the template was a little flaky, I had to get my account recreated in Notes...They said it was done wrong the first time around....Thanks
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