AIM messages not popping up

I have Trillian set up and have contacts from both AIM and Yahoo imported. Whenever someone from Yahoo IMs me, it does what I have set in the Settings. Users IMing me from AIM do not show up at all - nothing happens. I have to click on the users name, have their box appear, and if they have sent me a message, only then do I get it. Obviously, I can't click on everyone on my list all day long, so sometimes I miss messages from people by hours or even a day.

Any help is appreciated!
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touficjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No i didnt mean re-creating your aim account. I meant within Trillian when you first installed you configured your AIM account right? Some sort of profile per connection? I cant remember exactly off the top of my head. Either way what you could try is, delete the AIM connection in trillian and re-create it.

Your AIM contacts are all stored on the AIM servers.
Might sound silly and simple but have you tried re-creating your AIM account within trillian?
How would I go about doing that without losing all of my AIM contacts?
lazydaisy216Author Commented:
It worked!! Thank you so much for your assistance. :o)
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