abcpdf addimagehtml Unable to render HTML. Page load timed out. Unable to load page.

Using ABCpdf to generate PDF from generated HTML. I have several sites using the same BasePage code and the same .aspx.vb code but one gives me the message "Unable to render HTML. Page load timed out. Unable to load page." and the others don't. What's more, that one only has error if there is an <img> tag in the HTML but not if there is not. Also, the problem one works OK on local development server.
- Have tried adjusting timeout and retries - no help.
- Have tried making sure ASPNET and IUSR_ have RWXD access rights - no help.
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SitePowerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hey: to anybody reading this thread - I found the problem and fixed it. The problem was the routine hanging when processing an HTML file that had images; it would run fine when no images were present.

In my case it was a path issue. The routine reads in an already-created HTML file and uses AddImageHtml to bring it into the document being formed. Any images associated with the HTML file are stored in the same folder as the HTML file, so once read in I had to change the path to the image folder so the PDF maker running in the root could find them.

I had used an absolute path, when I needed to use a relative path! Once I changed that the routine worked fine. Of course it took me 14 days at 2-4 hours per day to FIND it!!
FYI: I am using ABCpdf, .NET Pro version, 6.1 (see It works great (when I have things designed properly).
Thanks to Juan Barrera for trying to help.
Juan_BarreraConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Although you say that you've made sure that both ASPNET and IUSR_ have the right access, are you sure that the application is running as any of those?
Just as an example, but, by default, under IIS 6, runs as "NTAUTHORITY/NETWORK SERVICE"
After rechecking that, can you make sure that the application user has Read / Write to the directory containing the images, and that the specific image file is not being used by any other process at that instant?


SitePowerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. I compared two sites - one that is working and the one that is not. The settings for all file permissions for all concerned folders are the same. And I also set up a test where the image file(s) would not be in use by any other process.

The users are: Admin, IUSR_(machine), IUSR_(applic), NETWORK, SYSTEM, NETWORK SERVICE, and ASPNET.

Still same problem.
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Juan_BarreraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just a thought: What happens if you change the image format? I've seen some pdf utilities that don't handle properly certain formats.
SitePowerAuthor Commented:
I have tried both JPG and PNG with the same result in the faulting site. Also tried many different image files (these are all from photos). Also, this same PDF routine has been working at this site for several months and I have used it at other sites for more than a year - all successfully. I haven't yet figured out what changed and why it stopped working properly at that one site.

Hmmm..... Does that tell me I should start keeping versions? Lazy programmer that I am I have not done so.

I will continue trying to find out what changed.

Thanks for your help!
Well, I hope you find the solution! Good luck!
Maulik ModiCommented:
I am having tough time with hyperlinks...I tried both methods : AddImageHTML and AddImageURL. Generated PDF displays them as normal text only.
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