WMDC doesn't see my device to sync, but it appears in device manager. Port problems?

When I connect my WM6 phone via USB, WMDC doesn't even begin to see it in order to sync with it even though it shows up in the device center. WMDC just says "Not Connected" the whole time.
It WILL, however, sync on my XP laptop, which tells me that the problem isn't with the phone. I really don't want to reinstall Vista. Can you help me?

So, I have probably spent more than 12 hours researching this problem to no avail. Here's the deal:
I got an autorun.inf worm about a week ago on my Vista desktop. I fixed it by using:
ComboFix, SmitFraudFix, SUPERAntiSpyware and SpyBot S&D with TeaTimer. I uninstalled SUPERAntiSpyware and have kept SpyBot but disabled TeaTime because it kept asking me to block or allow processes that I have no clue about.

I noticed after exorcising my computer that my WM 6 phone wasn't syncing anymore. In fact the last time it synced was right before this whole process began. So, here are the various steps I've taken (numbered for reference, not necessarily in this order):

1. Run countless configurations of uninstalling "Microsoft Windows Remote Adapter" in the device manager, uninstalling and reinstalling WMDC, rebooting my computer and handset, and plugging it back in. No luck.

2. Unchecked "Enable advanced network functionality" (this yields "To synchronize this device, you must install ActiveSync 4.5 or newer on your desktop computer" on the handset...I'm guess it can't even see what's installed on my computer). So I leave that checked. Still nada.

3. Enabled the UPnP service (and subsequently disable it). No effect.

4. Created a wmdc.exe.config and wmdchost.exe.config to see if I could generate a log file from either of these programs to find the error. The programs aren't being accessed at all, so no log file is generated.

5. Deleted the Windows CE registry key from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services and let it reinstall afresh from a new install of WMDC. Nothin.

6. Checked my Windows Firewall, which has always been completely off. I turned it on, opened the necessary ports, and then turned it off again just in case. No love.

7. Tried a different usb cable and different usb bus (although the phone syncs on another computer). Not a peep.

8. Deleted the profile in WMDC on the computer and deleted the Desktop profile in the phone. No change.

9. Turned off my Avast! antivirus during this whole process of investigation in case it was part of the problem. uh-uh.

10. Turned off Windows Defender. No help.

The event viewer gives me an error code with RapiMgr as the source. The description reads "Windows Mobile-based USB device is plugged in but is unable to make a network connection to the desktop." The EventID code is 6.

Also, the phone DOES pull an ip address of and I can use MyMobiler (which is kind of like Ye Olde Remote Display Control).

SOOooooo, I'm thinking that SOMETHING is blocking a needed port from my phone's TCP/IP connection to the WMDP application...then again, I don't know what the heck is going on, so please help! Did ComboFix or SmitFraudFix close a port that I need? Did TeaTimer do something to me? I don't use Windows Live OneCare, I don't have BitDefender or any other security software. Is there some hidden firewall software on my machine?

I've seen lots of people with this problem, but they gave up before any answers came. Any help you can give would be so great!

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Also, have you checked:
? Or did you resolve your problem?
beefamatoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion. I had seen those pages earlier and the steps there didn't seem to have any effect. Still no solution. I wish the problem listing in the Event Viewer gave more specific directions as to what has malfunctioned with RapiMgr.
beefamatoAuthor Commented:
I figured it out. After experiencing some similar problems with my internet connection upon switching ISPs, I figured it out. I have Covenant Eyes, an internet accountability software. It primarily monitors my web activity, but it restricts the activity if it isn't logged in. All the rigmarole with with the malware must have caused it to monitor my WMDC connection as though it were an internet connection. Since it didn't (couldn't) log in through that connection, it restricted it.

I uninstalled the program and it cleared it all up. I guess the question I should have been asking was, "Is there ANYTHING AT ALL on my computer that is programmed to restrict internet access at any time for any reason?" Thanks for your help.

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