JDBC/ODBC interface MS SQL Server

I have a MS SQL Server database on my laptop set up, but I don't think
I have eclipse.  What is the easiest way to connect to my database
utilizing java I also need to access it with a "scripting language"
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kayveyAuthor Commented:
kayveyAuthor Commented:
I've got 35 minutes left I am jhosed.
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kayveyAuthor Commented:
that first link talks about SQL Server 2005.  I have SQL Server 2008 does this matter?
kayveyAuthor Commented:
I was looking at these leafy pages but this stuff gives me stomach aches  {:P I learned c on unix
command lines  and 10 years later I decided to try "Windows Progamming" but I don't know I got
sick of all the mire. Java makes me dizzy but I got used to installing it on FreeBSD command lines.
I feel so much more comfortable on those command lines sometimes than all the stupid windows out
of control.  Library of congress stuff bothers me too. And eclipse.  I am real irritated with eclipse
right now.  I can javac on an MS-DOS prompt just fine or better do makefiles.. It seems like
there are too many stupid windows fighiting with each other in more and more stupid ways
and It drivesme crazy.  that little code snippet should work mauybe I just have togetit
connected and get a simple SQLdone and I gethalf credit by tomorrowatmidnightmaybe

I have bandaids on two fingers and it is messing up my typing.  Sorry.
kayveyAuthor Commented:
SQL is better because it is more like a command line.
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
No, it should not matter the version.  At least not from my understanding.  You can check if they have updated the JDBC driver.

The code implementation should be consistent though and the 2nd link shows you how and an IDE is not required as long as you code the java so it compiles you are fine.  I use IDE simply for the color coding -- I usually have all the other panes in Eclipse unpinned so I see my code pane full screen and can quickly see when I made a type-o or hit the caps key by accident. :)

I use to use TextPad++ for that too.

Just a nicety...I like hand coding myself too, but guess I do also like the convenience of focusing on the code and not compilation so I do use the build features there too especially for debugging view.

Anyway, those links were my thinking you were saying you needed an IDE. :)  The first two links are all you need to get going on JDBC to SQL Server.
kayveyAuthor Commented:
Okay.  I talked to the TA and he pointed out that I didn't follow directions they had for JDBC. I got
to the point where SQL Server was installed (but not properly configured for JDBC) and it said
"Congradulations" and I thought I was done. I didn't notice there were 20 more pages in the
instruction document.

The professor said I have to reinstall the whole shebang.  I will give you points now if you
help me save the work that I have done. I am not using my Vista computer right now I am
on a SUN workstation running X in Berzerkeley.  I have a bunch of screenshots on my other
stuff.. the "hw7" databse is in "databases" in the SQL.  How can I save my database so I can
get it up after I reinstall everything..

Incidentally, the TA told me that I had only JRE and not JDK.  It slipped my mind because I run
dual boot with FreeBSD on the other partition.. also I have 3 HDs with 8 total partitions, with
5 OSes total (two instances of Vista, one all mucked up.. 3 instances of FreeBSD, one all
mucked up.. one on a HD that makes scary sounds (also containing a mucked up VIsta,  
and my newest HD mistakenly with 4 parititions (and an area of disk space I decided to
not allocate thinking it would help with the 95% rule but maybe that was stupid).. I meant
to make the 4 slices but I made 4 partitions so one partition is mounted on /, another is swap,
a third I thin is /var and the final one is /usr.. it boot s up and MBR gives me 4 idientical
FreeBSD choices.
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
For java source, tar/zip files and save them somewhere portable. :)

For SQL, backup database and save the .bak file on same remote storage as above.

For JDK, go here:

Good luck!
kayveyAuthor Commented:
I want my "hw7" database but look at the state of SQL Server
kayveyAuthor Commented:
the only way I was accessing "hw7" was by navigating SQL server.  what can I do now?  can
I save the files I created with this application and access them again after I uninstall it and reinstall
it?  if you help me do that I will give you points.
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
You will need to have remote connections turned on for SQL Server as the error suggests.  You will find this under the configuration tools for SQL.  You want TCP/IP protocol enabled.

Once you get connected just backup the database as already suggested.

Hope that helps...

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kayveyAuthor Commented:
The application is broken  beyond repair.  Couldn't you see that I was attempting to connect?  Nobody
knows how to fix it.  The problem is to make sure the data is somewhere I can restore it after uninstall and reinstall.  

I'm sorry.  If it were easy, I wouldn't have asked it! I warned you!  {:}
I do not understand where you have connection problems - in .net management studio or java?
Any error messages from jtds?
kayveyAuthor Commented:
The professor says the installation of SQL server is hosed.  I haven't been messing too much with the .NET studio.. deadline past.  At this point I will give points for teaching me to save my database without connecting, or reconnecting and saving or making SQL server work.  The professor said to reinstall SQL server.
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