How to create bulleted graphics for a list in PhotoShop?

I have a photoshop file which I am customizing for someone. It has a bulleted list, using "right carrot" bullets.
I have changed the text but want to remove the bullets. I am able to find their layer, and turn off the layer so the bullets disappear. That's fine, but I'd like to learn:

How did those bullets get added or created? In the layer, I see Effects and Color Overlay, but when I click on those, I see nothing that appears to be what I'm looking for.
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Not sure what you mean. Bullets are usually just special characters. Any chance of a screenshot?
I think If they are in a different layer that means they are just shapes with maybe layer style, Plz attach a screenshot .
if the image is flattened (basically it has one layer) then do the following.
duplicate the layer.
Draw a selection box over the bulleted area.
Simply use the paint tool to draw over them in the same colour as the back ground

If it is made of several layers then you can still use the above method but you nee to find the layer they are on first.

Infact if its layered just turn each layer on and off (eye symbol next to the layer) until you find the layer they are on. Then duplicate this layer. Hide one copy of it. Then simply select the bullets with the square selection tool and delete them.

The reason i say duplicate these layers then hide one is so that you always have a copy of the original incase you make a mistake.

Saying the above i could be wrong because i have no idea what the file looks like. If it had a imaged background for example would require a lot more effort in getting rid of the bullets if they are rasterized (image instead of still text)

More info is needed if what i said doesn't make sense

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cornell256Author Commented:
This makes sense for me to at least investigate and get back to you - thanks!
cornell256Author Commented:
I'll add a screenshot later today. Thanks. What I am hoping to be able to identify is what the name of the actual image file is. It sounds like, from what I read, that there is no "Word" type of style that can be used to make bulleted lists - that the designer created the bulleted image.
oh the bullets would probebly be characters from a font such as windings or zapfdingbats. Basially each letter is a different symbol. You can get anything from circles and squares to fingers and symbols of houses and cars.

There are other methods. Many fonts allow you to create a circle bullet by pressing alt + 8.

The bullets could also be as simple as some image that was used.

i slightly miss read you original question. i read 'am able' as 'am unable'. My bad.

simplest way to find layer is to press crtl+click on the object okay, this is not the solution as you have already got which layer you want to modify.

You may find the ready made bullets or symbols by pressing the button 'u' now you can see tool options underneath top menu items. you can choose the ready made symbol from and can use it as bulleted icons.

If you still cant find that bullet then im sure designer had some extra ready made symbols installed on his pc. you can find out free addons for your photoshop different style of symbols, buttons, or plugin etc or you can buy them as well :)

The other option left you have is to trace out the bullets by your own with the pin tool.
cornell256Author Commented:
this is all good information, everyone. thanks, I'll take a look sometime in the next few days and report back!
cornell256Author Commented:
Sorry I am so delayed in checking this out - I will try to do this in the next week. Moderator, please do not mark this as abandoned. I need time :*(
cornell256Author Commented:
Great example of a team answer. I provided a few points to the early answers for asking me the right questions. :*)
Thanks, all.
cornell256Author Commented:
Some additional information for anyone who stops by to look at this answer: When I try to just "delete" the symbol (after finding which layer it is on), I get the message:
"could not complete your request because the pixels in a type layer cannot be edited without first rasterizing the layer".
I'll be able to proceed now to rasterize the layer and delete the image, I think.
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