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search video file

I have a lot of files most of them stay in a 1 Tb hardisk i looking the way to search the file quickly some time i known the file is on hardisk but i do not known the name How can i make a system that can put the keyword of each video so i can search it  .  and i want my staff  In my office can search and can download the file that he want too     I noneed to preview file but if it has it will be very good
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Deepak KosarajuDevOps EngineerCommented:
find  -type f -name
for example: I like to know what are available rpm file under /root
then I use the following
same way you can say
find / -type f - name \*.avi
find / -type f -name \*.mpg

Gud luck
[root@pro02 ~]# find /root/ -type f -name \*.rpm
[root@pro02 ~]# 

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teeraAuthor Commented:
Hi kosarajudeepak

How can i put the key word to the file such as Mr robert  then i can search from the name or the place that i make a video  I need the system that i can put key word to the file
How often do the files get created/deleted?  If it is infrequent, it will be much, much, much faster to generate your own index on a regular frequency, eg: every hour.

Deepak KosarajuDevOps EngineerCommented:
I am not sure about adding keyword to a file in linux. As of my knowledge is concern we cannot do it in console base but can be done in GUI.
But to search with particular keyword following commands can be used...
find / -type f -name Mr\*
find / -type f -name \"Mr\ robert\"

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