Simple Ping / Network Monitoring Tool

Hey folks,

I thought that I'd just ask a really simple question.

I have a client with an intermittant sluggish link.

All I want is a nice free ware or cheapish IP PING logger that pings the internet in a -t fashion but logs the time it sent the ping, so that when I look back through the logs I can see what time things went caplooey, for how long and for how often and if there is any pattern to it.

Does anyone know some software that does this.  Windows based please.

I've tried a few programs and they all do what I want but don't log times so that I can work out any trends.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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Check out Isitup, from Taro Software;

leonardroganAuthor Commented:
Will give it a look.  Thank you.
leonardroganAuthor Commented:
Nice program but still doesn't do what I need or want.

Basically if I send out a ping host -t I get TTLs and most importantly I get MS response times.

I want this program to log and time date stamp every ping sent, so that when I look at it I can say, look, link OK between this time and then something happend at this time and at this time to cause it to suck up all the bandwidth.

Thats all I require.  Any other ideas?  Appreciate it.
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That's exactly what Isitup does, unless I'm misunderstanding you.  It keeps a log of the pings it sends, and you can display graphically the number of milliseconds the ping took to get back over time.  See the attached screenshot, for example....
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

You can check out the Solarwinds tools set or Adventnet Op utilities;
leonardroganAuthor Commented:
thanks guys.

I ended up going with pingplotter and NetLimited to show me which process was abusing the bandwidth.

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