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Hi, I am using a program called Free FLV Converter to download YouTube video clips and am wondering if there is some software that can help me adjust the audio volume up/down on some of the recordings.  I use Windows XP sp3.
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fredshovelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Super is free:
Ulead is quite a sophisticated video editing programme and you have to pay.
Windows Movie Maker is free, and you can adjust the audio in a video using it -- but it doesn't like MPEG, so you would have to convert the flv first in Super to either wmv or AVI.
Here's the instructions how to do it in WMM.
You can also use "SaveTube" to download YouTube videos. It's much easier to use a video editor to adjust the volume once you have downloaded the video. I use Super to convert the flv videos to MPEG-2 and then edit them in Ulead Video Studio. But any video editor will do this. For a dedicated audio editor, you have to "split" the audio in the video editor with the "split" function and insert it into an audio editor like Audacity or Cool Edit (Audition) to adjust the volume.
camtzAuthor Commented:
fredshovel: Are these programs free? Talking about Super and Ulead Video Editing.
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