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passing timing parameters

Hello group,

In part of my code, I have to call a function which in there I should pass parametrs like       Year, month, day and hour. So, basically, user will call the exectuable file like:

     $ ./prog  2008 11  3  0  

which in fact is year 2008, month = Nov, first day of month and hour = 0 a.m.  or TODAY!
note that 0 = 12 a.m.

so now in order to make it more user-friendly I'm thinking of passing some pre-defined tokens like

    $ ./prog  today  
    $ ./prog  yesterday
    $ ./prog week
1) Is it ok to create a CASE block for these tokens?
2) how should I handle today or TODAY or tOdAY ?

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>1) Is it ok to create a CASE block for these tokens?
case does not work on strings. .. you would need a bunch of strcmp .. probably if with strcmp (invoked based on argc value would be good)

if (argc == 2)
   if (strcmp(...))
    else if ((strcmp...))

>2) how should I handle today or TODAY or tOdAY ?
You can use a case insensitive comparison

Alternatively you can use toupper tolower to convert to a particular case and then compare
1. Yes, It is ok to use CASE
2. Always Convert the input tokens (text) to upper case or lower case and  then compare
switch( strcasecmp(argv[1],"today")?strcasecmp(argv[1],"yesterday")?0:1:2 ){
    case 2: t=time(); break;
    case 1: t=time()-24*60*60; break; // if your locale has daylight saving time there may be two hours per year when this doesn't work

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akohanAuthor Commented:

Everybody has come up with nice solution and also links.

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