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500pts: Creating a proxy to intercept email before arriving on outlook - for an antispam app?

Hi there,

I am looking for some info to create a POP proxy, I think this is correct name..

Basically I need to intercept any incoming email (using pop) .. its for an antispam app i am creating...

Basically i don't want to have to change the POP or SMTP settings of MS Outlook... but when outlook checks for email... then my C# code/program will intercept all email remove the ones i need to and then continue to deliver to outlook..

If anyone can offer any info on this i would really appreciate it ...

I mention Outlook but of course i need it to work with any email client i.e. THunderbird etc..

Thanks in advance for any help or info

Best regards

1 Solution
What you are suggestiong is not likly to be possible.
You can write a specific add-in for Outlook that will filter messages.
Or you can write a proxy, but that would require the users to change their POP3 settings in their clients.

For an outlook specific solution check VSTO:

For a generic POP3 proxy I'd suggest using LumiSoft.NET library:

iangregson1Author Commented:
Thanks for the info...

But i am using COMODO antispam software (free software) and it does exactly that .... nothing has been changed in Outlook but it intercepts all POP emails and i can either delete or report them as spam or allow them...

If i allow them ... then these will go directly to the client...

So they must be a way......  
If I'm in your shoe and I know a bit of C#. Then I would go for open source solution.

You need install and configure a linux box with Sendmail MTA (on your LAN). Install a POP3 Server ( i usually use qpopper). For more advance configuration POP3 over SSL will do.

Here's some reference you might want to check:

a) For using / configuring sendmail --> http://www.informatik.uni-kiel.de/~ca/email/check.html
b) Adding additional filter from spamhaus --> http://www.joeldare.com/dnsbl.html
or --> http://blogtech.oc9.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=11%3Aanti-spam-configuration-for-sendmail-using-spamcop-spamhaus-spam-assasin-mailscanner-and-f-prot-as-anti-virus&Itemid=1

I hope this helps.


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