How to block right click menu (Context Menu) on MS-Office documents with VC++.

I have a application which opens MS-Office documents (Word,Excel,PPT). While opening Word file OLE creates ~WRO0001.doc" file. When user right click on this file, it opens this file in WinWord with options available (e.g. New,Open,Edit).
I want to disable this right click menu (Context menu). Please let me know is there any way to block this context menu for Office applications (e.g. .doc files) i.e I dont want this file to open outside of my application.
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DanRollinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Would blocking the context menu really even solve your problem?

For instance, couldn't a person copy that file, give it a different name, and then open it using some other tool that understands the file layout?
Or he could even manually use the Ms Word command line:
     C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\winword c:\temp\~WRO0001.doc
... regardless of how you trapped or misdirected context-menu commands,
I cannot recommend it.
You are talking about changing the file association for such common files as MS Word documents and Excel spreadsheets as used in Windows Explorer.  Making such a change to a user's system would be unacceptable to most users (certainly to anybody I've ever met).
ILGDRMAuthor Commented:
This is fine but what we want is to restrict specific menu item in popup menu. Is there any way of doing this.
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