Remove domain controller from exchange and make it as a member server

We have an exchange server 2007 and another main domain controller. i have made exchange server as another domain controller and made it as also a global catalog server. i want to remove the domain controller from exchange server and make it as a member server. Please assist with steps to do it.
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Click start>Run>Dcpromo and go through the AD wizard to remove the server.  

abey_vAuthor Commented:
Whether this will not cause any problem in exchange functionality afterwards cause i have seen many post that dont use dcpromo to demote cause later some problems can oocur.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

I would not dcpromo an Exchange 2007 box as from what I understand it has the sames affects as it did in Exchange 2003.  You would be better off building a new Exchange 2007 box migrating the email then unistalling Exchange from the first box.
Hi abey_v,

I agree with Kutyi. MS does not support to either promote or demote a server to/from DC, when E2K7 is installed on a server as well. You must build a new server and move mailboxes using the Move-Mailbox wizard/CMDlet.

dcpromo will cause CAS(Client Access Server) functionality to break or pretty much everything that uses ASP.NET (which also  isn't supported by MS)

Personally I would move everything to a temporary server.

sorry guys,

miss read the post, I didnt relise you had installed EX07 on the DC!! migrate to a new ex07 enviroment is the way forward :0)

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