Blackberry server healthcheck

Hello Experts

Our Blackberry infrastructure is two BES 4.1.5 servers connecting to Exchange 2003 servers.

We have noticed a few problems of late, and I would like to conduct a 'BES Healthcheck' to make sure there are no issues. I was thinking of checking the Event Logs, making sure file versions between Exchange/BES were the same, check the BES logs etc. Does anyone have a good idea of what I need to look out for.

In particular, the Event Log is full of Warnings, and always has been, but these appear even when we have full service.

Any ideas?
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What kind of issues are you experiencing - there are some general things you can check but if you can elaborate on your specific issues I can give you a better answer. Generally speaking you want to check the BES server application eventvwr and the BES logs, particularly the MAGT log. If you are having sync issues you should check and make sure all AD & Exchange permissions for your besadmin account are correct and there are no major latency issues between your BES/Exchange pairs. Could you post some of the eventvwr entries?

I agree with Monorail1. The MAGT log is important, but has a *ton* of data. Dont be too discouraged. To see the health of my server I typically look at the Application windows Event Viewer. Repeating warnings may fill it up as BES can be noisy (especially if your logging is turned up). Post a few of the entries here if you see any that worry you.
bruce_77Author Commented:
Hi Guys

As far as I can remember, we have always had the problem of the Blackberry devices suddenly not being able to recv messages. We have just experienced it now in fact. Restarting the BES services seems to fix this, but we then have to wait for the BES servers to rescan all the mailboxes.

If users send a mail, it seems to disappear, but then after the services are restarted it will eventually be delivered.

Error messages I noted before the services were restarted;

Application Log of Event Viewer;

A couple of these:

Event 10000, Source: Blackberry router
[SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:xxx] Service transaction not found. SERVICESESSION_TAG=xxx

And loads of these (which seem to appear all the time, not just when we have a problem)

Event 20000, Source: Blackberry Policy Service
{, PIN=1234, UserId=1111}RequestHandler::SendSwitchService - Sending Switch Service command to device, Source UID xxx, Destination UID xxxx

{, PIN=12, UserId=11}RequestHandler::SendKeyRegenerationRequest: Sending Key Regeneration request to device

In the MATG:

Loads of these when we had the issues;

[40599] (11/04 16:59:56.079):{0x183C} {} GetNewMovedMessages - Could not find folder entry id in folder list for RefId=-472702239

What is strange is that the LastContact time for the handhelds on the server was only a few minutes ago when we had the problems, even though they couldnt' recv mail.
Service Transaction not found:

Look into your Policy logs. The message saying the Switch Service command means that the device is having problems due to a bad IT Policy. Most likely you will have to get the users device, wipe, and reload, however feel free to try the solution at this link:

In MAGT logs:
Could not find folder entry id in folder list.... right now BES has an issue where if a user has a subfolder of their Sent Items folder, you will recieve this message... repeating a lot. They are safe to ignore, RIM knows of the issue and it should be fixed in the next release (or so they told me).

My bet is if you clean up all your users in "Error" status for their IT Policy, you will clean up a lot of your problems. It woudlnt hurt to upgrade to SP6 MR2 either :)

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