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Hi Experts,

I ran exmerge to export over a hundred of mailbox to PST, but all subjects lines and Contacts in Thai are changed to "?????".  

I can export to PST without corrupted characters via Outlook 2003's Export wizard, but it does manually.  I think the ExMerge utility may not export to Unicode PST.

Is there any tools that can export mailboxes to Unicode PST in batch?

Many thanks in advance.
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Cool! Glad my post helped.

You can close the question then.

As per a MS article:

"The 2GB limit on PST files got eliminated by Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. This version of Microsoft Outlook introduced a new file format which isnt backward compatible with previous versions of Microsoft Outlook and got known as the Unicode PST. Unfortunately there is no way of importing an Unicode PST file into a Microsoft Exchange Information Store. You will need to use the import feature of Microsoft Outlook for this.
Unfortunately it also means that you wont be able to export a 2GB+ mailbox from within Microsoft Exchange Server to a PST file with ExMerge at once. You will need to use the filter options to export to PST files that are less than 2GB in size."

You can have a look at this article which may make your life a bit easier:


Hope this helps.

Youc an try exporting with ontrack powercontrols.
MBJSMAuthor Commented:
I finally export the Mailbox via MS Outlook to Unicode PST.
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