Applying a wireless 802.1X group policy per user

I have 6 broadcasted SSIDs for each floor using WLAN 4402 and LWAPP APs with 802.1X If I create the GPO and apply it on the domain it will work.
I also tried creating seperate OUs and putting the users in their respective ones, and also linked each wireless GPO respectively.
However this doesn't work.

how can this be done?
Thank You.
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WLAN GPOs are being applied to computers rather than to users that is why it might not be working as you expected.

Just give the same SSID to each AP (this way the computers will be connecting to one with the strongest signal) and create a single WLAN GPO for your domain.

What are you trying to achieve? If you explain in better details we might help.
usere3Author Commented:
the access points are light weight so they broadcast all 6 SSIDs because each SSID is in a VLAN.
So I have to create 6 GPOs and apply them to each OU.

Can this work?
usere3Author Commented:
I have moved the COMPUTER in the active directory to the specific OU and it took the GPO. Is there any way to apply it on a user not on a PC?
As far as I understand WLAN policies are being applied to the computers, not the users.

It might be helpful if you tell more about your WLAN network design. What is the purpose of having 6 SSIDs?

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