how to get pixels

Hi experts,

I am drawing (colored lines) scribbles on the image, How can I get the  pixel values(ie x and y) inside the selected area. I have got points( x and y) for selected area. I have attache bmp file containing selection pl see.

 I need each and every point inside selected area.
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Peter HartCommented:
Hi, here are 2 tutorials on how to do this manually.  I personally use dreamweaver which can produce the coordinates automatically.
you'll need to set up a polygon:
inampudi1Author Commented:

I need some algorithm  to get [x,y] valuesas into a unsigined char*.......Here some code is their  in java. is their any algorithm for that?
inampudi1Author Commented:

   Here my selected area may not be  exactly rectangle or triangle or hexagonal, it may be irregular shape also.

But I need all  pixel values inside my selection. Here I have input as co-ordinate values of border of selected area.
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Peter HartCommented:
you will have to look at how HTML does it.  its done by html
for instance a circle would something like:
<map name="Map"><area shape="circle" coords="50,18,9" href="test.asp">
and placed at the end of the html page.  All we know is the centre of the circle and the raduis
another example:  html does the rest.
inampudi1Author Commented:

   Actually I dont no HTML, and I have to get inside pixel values in to a  variable  and I need to pass it to some other function in my application. Is their any other way....or how can I use your method for iregular shapes , as I showned in attached image.

inampudi1Author Commented:

Here I am working on delphi ... if any algorithm is their means I can implement it.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
while you are drawing create an array with (x, y) points
then use the CreatePolyPolygonRgn() function to create a windows region
then you can run over the image from top to bottom and left to right giving you a image (x, y)
then use PtInRegion() function to see if the point is in the region
that should do it

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inampudi1Author Commented:

I got the solution now it is working fine.
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