Dear sir,
I have some doubts in Exchange Server Please clarify me
1) Where is the address book & GAL stored in exchang server ?
2) where is the office out look address bok stored ?
3) what is the default database size after exchange installation ?
4) What is the use of MAPI ? Could You explain brief ?
i said interviewer for connect to exchange server  through outlook protocal using RPC. He is not satisfied.
5) what is the process of pop 3 ?
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1) Where is the address book & GAL stored in exchange server ?

This is not stored any where - it is retrieved from Active Directory polled every 15minutes using DSAccess.dll for Exchange server.

2) where is the office out look address book stored ?
This is stored in your system folder (which ever server is chosen for offline address book generation server)

3) what is the default database size after exchange installation ?
A total of 4MB comprising of 2MB of Edb and Stm each.

4) What is the use of MAPI ? Could You explain brief ?

5) what is the process of pop 3 ?

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  • Address Book / GAL is stroed in Public Folder Store
  • Outlook Address Book is in local PST  and Cached information in .NK2 file
  • Default DB Size.....hmm good one...will have to see
  • MAPI - It is a protocol used for Outlook communication with Exchange.
  • POP3: Like MAPI/IMAP is another protocol for retrving mail

I am a bit doubtful on this one, since MAPI is not used for Outlook communication - ideally RPC is used for that purpose. Correct me on this if i'm wrong.

2) where is the office out look address book stored ?
I probably mistook this for offline address book - for which i answered the question, this is stored locally
with format .PAB on your local box.

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(Mail API) A programming interface from Microsoft that enables a client application to send to and receive mail from Exchange Server or a Microsoft Mail (MS Mail) messaging system.


MAPI = Messaging Application Programming Interface, the heart of Microsoft's messaging programs. Extended MAPI serves three main purposes:

    * It's the programming interface used to write components that connect to different mail servers, provide access to custom address books and provide rich storage facilities -- in other words, the components that you can add through see on the Tools | Services dialog in Outlook.
    * You can use MAPI to develop new types of custom forms, not based on the built-in Outlook forms.
    * You can create addins for Outlook, Exchange and Windows Messaging that extend the functionality of those clients.
MAPI - Well what I said is what you have said in your comments I think it is clear ! Its just the way we have expressed.
Outlook Contacts - Are stored in PST like I said. OAB is stored in .oab.....Ok what you are talking about is Personal Address Book - I didnt answer that part at all
princebabuAuthor Commented:
Can u give me path of .pab fle i identified only .oab files
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