Upgrading from Solaris 7 to 10

Hi All
I am upgrading my DNS and Sendmail Server, its currently running Solaris7 and need to upgrade it with New hardware and to Solaris 10.

I need to know if any of experts  have ever performed such Upgrades?

My concern is the DNS server configurations and functionality, will like to know if there is anything i must know of so i can try to make this process as smooth as possible, any heak-ups and documentation will be highly apreciated. Previous experience on this on what to look out will also be apreciated.

The version of My DNS Server is as shown below.
        in.named BIND 8.1.2 Tue Nov 10 18:16:24 PST 1998 Generic 107018-01-5.7-September 1998
        db_dump.c       4.33 (Berkeley) 3/3/91
        db_load.c       4.38 (Berkeley) 3/2/91
        db_lookup.c     4.18 (Berkeley) 3/21/91
        db_save.c       4.16 (Berkeley) 3/21/91
        db_update.c     4.28 (Berkeley) 3/21/91
        db_glue.c       4.4 (Berkeley) 6/1/90
        ns_forw.c       4.32 (Berkeley) 3/3/91
        ns_init.c       4.38 (Berkeley) 3/21/91
        ns_main.c       4.55 (Berkeley) 7/1/91
         Copyright (c) 1986, 1989, 1990 The Regents of the University of California.
        ns_maint.c      4.39 (Berkeley) 3/2/91
        ns_req.c        4.47 (Berkeley) 7/1/91
        ns_resp.c       4.65 (Berkeley) 3/3/91
        ns_stats.c      4.10 (Berkeley) 6/27/90
        SunOS 5.7 Generic 107018-01 November 1998

Sendmail is just running as an email Relay, so i do not think will have probklems with this one, but in any how lesson learned are welcomed.

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Hi Chz,

I've done upgrades to solaris 10, but not a DNS server, but though the process of upgrading would remain the same, ensure that you
1) have a mirror disk updated and splitted from the root disk before you do any changes,
just in case things dont go the way it is expected, then it would be very handy
2) take a backup of all the configuration files that are required, named.conf, resolv.conf etc

how have you planned to upgrade? are you going to use CD/DVD or live upgrade.

The version of Bind that you're using is very old and the configuration and zone files may not work with Bind 9.

If you want to do a smooth upgrade, you may want to migrate the Bind configuration first, then perform the Solaris upgrade.
ThlwareAuthor Commented:
Hi Sorry guys my apologies,
I am going to do a fresh install on the new hardware, in fact i have already completed this task. I need to know if i need to manually populate my New DNS Server or is there a way of (migrating) or copying the conf files as they are(If Yes is there any heak-ups?.

Otherwise any sugestions are welcomed from you guys.

Also i will be running this server from a Zone(Or as a Zone) any issue running my Primary DNS as a Zone?.


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Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software EngineerCommented:
There shouldn't be a problem if the global zone does not use DNS as a naming service. Otherwise you could run into a deadlock. The naming service software is robust enough to notice that its backend naming service is not available, but I doubt that this particular configuration has been tested that way and there may be timing issues.

I hope you did not continue to use the version of BIND you show above. There have been recent security issues discovered in BIND and they warrent upgrade pretty quickly.

You probably need to modify the existing dns zone files and configuration file to make things work again.

This does require some knowledge of Bind 9, depending on how complex your setup is.


ThlwareAuthor Commented:
I have moved my zone file to my new install(Solaris10 (BIND 9). And i am getting the following errors when i exucute this command ...

#named-checkzone th.itest.za th.itest.za
dns_rdata_fromtext: th.itest.za:8: near eol: unexpected end of input
zone th.itest.za/IN: loading master file oval.insite.za: unexpected end of input

Here is line 8 on my zone file

3600    ;  Minimum TTL of 24h

For this error "zone th.itest.za/IN: loading master file oval.insite.za: unexpected end of input"
I tried to insert a line at the end of this file, but still it could not fix the problem.

Any advice will be appreciated ....



This doesn't mean the problem is on line 8, could be earlier in the file.

It's difficult to comment without seeing the entire file.

Does the -D option provide more details ?
ThlwareAuthor Commented:
Here is my zone file th.itest.za th.itest.za

$TTL 3600
@       IN      SOA     mama.ndf.insite.za.     (
                                                200811050003 ; Serial Number
                                                10800   ; Refresh 3 Hourly
                                                3600    ; Retry After 1 Hour
                                                104800  ; Expire After 1 Week
                                                3600    ; Minimum TTL of 24h
         IN     NS      mama.ndf.insite.za.
; Server Section
boss                    IN      A
ace                     IN      CNAME   boss
dns                     IN      CNAME   boss
mailhost                IN      CNAME   mama
mailhost2               IN      CNAME   boss
security                IN      CNAME   boss
timeserver              IN      CNAME   mama
legolas                 IN      A
mama                    IN      A
coolb                   IN      A
ThlwareAuthor Commented:
And here is the output of my command with a debug switch on

# named-checkzone -d oval.insite.za oval.insite.za
loading "oval.insite.za" from "oval.insite.za" class "IN"
dns_rdata_fromtext: oval.insite.za:7: near eol: unexpected end of input
zone oval.insite.za/IN: loading master file oval.insite.za: unexpected end of input


This is a sample zone file; notice the addition of the hostmaster (e-mail address) and the closing bracket on the same line as the 86400. Perhaps you could modify your zone file to look like this ?

@     IN     SOA    dns1.example.com.     hostmaster.example.com. (
                    2001062501 ; serial
                    21600      ; refresh after 6 hours
                    3600       ; retry after 1 hour
                    604800     ; expire after 1 week
                    86400 )    ; minimum TTL of 1 day


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ThlwareAuthor Commented:
this errors are now resolved after following the example given above by "robocat".
# named-checkzone -d oval.insite.za oval.insite.za
loading "oval.insite.za" from "oval.insite.za" class "IN"
dns_rdata_fromtext: oval.insite.za:7: near eol: unexpected end of input
zone oval.insite.za/IN: loading master file oval.insite.za: unexpected end of input

I am having a problem with my named.conf file to read my zone file it looks like the files are not used when i restart my DNS server. i had to actuallty use the domian directive on my resolve.conf file before i can resolve hostname with my new server. I need to use the directive on my named.conf file because i have lots of zone file to read from.

Here is my named.conf file:

options {

        directory  "/var/lib/named";

        check-names master ignore;
        check-names slave  ignore;
        forward only;


zone "th.itest.za th.itest.za" in {
        type master;
        file "th.itest.za th.itest.za";

zone "meme.test.za" in {
        type master;
        file "meme.test.za";

zone "thoko.enge.za" in {
        type master;
        file "thoko.enge.za";

And i have this zone files under my /var/lib/named directory but it does not look like
this files are not read. Is there anything i am missing? please advice...

If this will help here are the permissions to all the files

-rw-r--r--   1 root     other



try starting the named in debug mode (-d debug-level)

ThlwareAuthor Commented:
Hi Robocat
I use the smf to stop and start my DNS.

This all the command i used to check the status of my service.

svcs -l dns/server
fmri         svc:/network/dns/server:default
enabled      true
state        online
next_state   none
state_time   Mon Nov 10 10:32:32 2008
logfile      /var/svc/log/network-dns-server:default.log
restarter    svc:/system/svc/restarter:default
contract_id  202
dependency   require_all/none svc:/system/filesystem/local (online)
dependency   require_any/error svc:/network/loopback (online)
dependency   optional_all/error svc:/milestone/network (online)

svcs -xv dns/server
svc:/network/dns/server:default (?)
State: online since Thu Nov 13 12:49:25 2008
See: man -M /usr/man -s 1M named
See: /var/svc/log/network-dns-server:default.log

Can you please provide me with the command to run my DNS on Solaris10 in debug mode..?


ThlwareAuthor Commented:
Hi All
I am back on this project will provide feedback later

ThlwareAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dude
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