Access denied when discovering new resources

Hi Folks,


This is my first time using this product (and this site) so please bear with me, I would appreciate any help.


I have two servers, a Server 2008 domain controller and another server running Server 2008 with exchange 2007. I have the backup software (Media Server Version 12.0 Rev 1384) installed on the server which is running exchange and have run live update to ensure the product is fully updated.


I have created an AD account with domain admin rights and also made this account an exchange admin. I have set this account as the default account with Backup Exec.


When i try to do a backup job there are no resources available for selection, I have tried setting up a job to discover new resources, when the scan completes, it does not discover anything and gives the following error on the server:


The following error occurred while attempting to discover resources on the server: Access is denied. Error Code:E0008488


I have re checked permissions and all are fine, is there anything else I could be missing? I would appreciate any help on this matter.
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Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Have you installed a remote agent on the DC?

Also, make the AD backup user you are using "mail enabled".

Go into AD User & Computers and right click on the account you are using to backup, then choose Exchange Task and create a mailbox.
Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Also have a read through:

"Access denied" and "access is denied" messages in Backup Exec for Windows Servers and how to troubleshoot the errors

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So you're saying the you can't select for example the C: drive on the media server for backup?

If that's the case for a domain admin account, you may be facing Group Policy restriction.

Check the security event logs - do they display authentication failures?

You could reset security settings using secedit (see also, but although I've had great success with this before, I'm not 100% sure what effects it will have on the rest of your environment. You may want to make a backup with another application before following the article.
ryanrobAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies.

Yes there is a remote agent on the DC, the account is mail enabled and the mailbox has received mail (tests). The account is part of the backup operators group and domain admin etc. I will go through the steps on your link this morning, unfortunately i did not get the time i had hoped to spend on this yesterday (although I am almost sure I have went through most of the steps)

When I go to resources there is nothing listed there at all, no servers, nada. Again, I will try this today, thanks a lot for your help, I will be back shortly with the outcome.
ryanrobAuthor Commented:
Hi again folks, sorry for the late reply.

I have tried what you suggest honmapog but still no joy, however you have resolved a long running issue a colleague of mine has had, so thanks for that.

I completely removed and re-installed the product and agents and it seems to be working now, I guess just one of those dodgey installs.

You have all been very helpful.
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