Only join 10 computers to the domain?

I'm having an issue with getting our ADPE/Help Desk guys to join more then 10 computers to the domain.

I know there was a work around besides increasing this number in GPolicy.

Pre-Staging the account won't help because what we are trying to accomplish is to get these guys to rejoin machines to the domain that are already joined. It's a fix that has worked in the past for certain issues.
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User active direcroty delegation to allow the group of the help desker join computer to the domain.

-- Right click on the OU (or the domain level) then delegate control
snyderkvAuthor Commented:
Sorry there is no user security right that says "join computer to the domain"

I think the permission 3986 is talking about is "Create Computer Object"

You would want to give them permission to that in the computer OU
Hello snyderkv,

Please look at the picture
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