How do I set up backups to overwrite and not run out of disk space

Hi can anyone help I am new to backup exec12 and am having problems with my file backups. I would like to backup my files initially twice a week as I have Yosemite as my main file server backup to tape.
My file backups are 300GB per week  I would like to do 2 full backups per week to a backup to disk folder and keep 3 full backups on my disk overwriting the oldest backup file when there are 3 on the disk.
At the moment I have a backup to disk folder and a media set that is set to overwrite period for 1 week and infinite allow append. The problem I have is the disk keeps running out of space and the old files are not getting overwritten. I have read all the guides etc I must be missing something as its probably very easy.
Can anyone help?
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Hedley PhillipsConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
You need to play around with the media protection period until a backup file in the B2D folder is overwritable (will show as blue) by the time the next backup is due.

This way it will overwrite it rather than creating a new one.

I have just tested this with small 160Mb backups. If they were all protected it kept on creating new ones until it would have eventually filled the disk. As soon as I associated one with the scratch media set it was overwritten.

boxerbillAuthor Commented:
thanks ill give that ago, what about the back up to disk file managment ie sizes?
Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
There are no settings in BUE to limit the amount of space a B2D folder takes up.

Have a read of the following doc to see what all the features do:
How to create a Backup-to-Disk folder in Backup Exec for Windows Servers and configure a Backup-to-Disk job
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