Problem with returning pointer to a struct from a function in c++

Hi i'm making a program to find Harshad Nos b/w two given numbers,
i.e., A number that is divisible by the sum of its own digits. For example, 1729 is a Harshad number because 1 + 7 + 2 + 9 = 19 and 1729 = 19 × 91.

Now, i've made the program, but i'm getting weird output due to a problem in pointers i'm sure..
i've forgotten pointers in c++. Can someone please help ...

here is the no paste url to the code:

or otherwise below is the code:

#include <cstdlib>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    struct IntArray{
           int a[];
           int arrayLength;// have to use this otherwise how would we know the length of array for displaying it.
    int reverseNumber(int);
    struct IntArray* getHarshadNumbers(int startno, int endno)
           IntArray ar; // to store the results
           ar.arrayLength = 0;
           int len = 0;
           int sum;
           //main loop to iterate b/w the start and end nos.
           for ( int i = startno ; i < endno ; i++ ){
               //loop to split the integer into single digits and simultaneously keep adding the no.
               //i.e. we keep on taking out the last digit and add it to the previous digit retrieved.
               //e.g. 1729
               //1st iteration : sum += 9 => 9
               //2nd iteration : sum += 2 => 11
               //3rd iteration : sum += 7 => 18
               //4th iteration : sum += 1 => 19
               sum = 0;
               for ( int number = i ; number >0 ; number /= 10){
                   sum += number%10;
               // this gets reverse of 19 = 91
               int revNo = reverseNumber(sum);
               // to check whether 19 * 91 = 1729 or not
               if ( sum * revNo == i ){
                    ar.a[ len ] = i;
                    //cout<<"in here"<<i<<endl;  
           ar.arrayLength = len;
           return &ar;
    // this function returns the reverse of a no.
    // we need this for getting the reverse of the sum we calculated in getHarshadNumbers()
    // e.g. for 1729 
    // sum = 19
    // now to find whether 19 x 91 = 1729 or not 
    // we must have a function to calculate the reverse of 19.
    int reverseNumber(int no){
             int revNo = 0;
             for ( int i = no ; i>0 ; i /= 10 ){
                 revNo += i % 10;
                 revNo *= 10;
                 //cout << revNo<<endl;
             revNo /= 10;
             return revNo;
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        int startNo,endNo;
        cout<<"Enter start no: ";
        cout<<"Enter end no.: ";
        IntArray *arr = getHarshadNumbers(startNo, endNo);
        // to display the returned struct array
        for ( int i = 0 ; i < arr->arrayLength ; i++){
        return EXIT_SUCCESS;

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your returned structure has not been alloacted yet.
a static array is a simple solution for your case.
    you have declared IntArray ar; as local. the local variable scope ends with the function scope. so  sending back the address of a local variable is pointless.

declare dynamic memory

IntArray ar* = new IntArr();

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And also you are not allocating the memory for ar.a[] . Please do that also
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