DNS A Record for: @domain.com w/ Web IP not Mail

I've found a DNS A Record for:  @domain.com      

The IP is not for the mail server (MX records are correct), but it is the IP for the web site.  Was this probably put in originally for Squirrel Mail, which is not used and disabled, or for some other reason?  And can this A Record be deleted?

The only think left on the server this A Record is pointing to is an FTP site, and it's beeing moved shortly.

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Only you will know whether you can remove this entry. I mean, how are total strangers on a web forum supposed to know what your exact setup is?

By the sounds of it, removing it will then prevent clients (http or otherwise) from resolving domain.com to an address, so one obvious side effect will be http://domain.com will be unavailable.
For a domain to receive mail at an SMTP server, it must have EITHER an A record OR and MX record.
The MX record will have to point to a name that has an A record, but it could be something like mail.domain.com.

So deleting any A record for domain.com will no break the email unless the MX record is using that name. Which it sounds like it isn't in your case)

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