Danger with PPS files

Hello all,
I have a correspondant that told me we are crazy to allow pps files on our email system, he said it's really dangerous.
My question is what can be the danger with pps files ?
is it sill dangerous if you have a good anti-virus uptodate ?

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VallerianiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PPS files are powerpoint slide show files, you know that program microsoft made that is hardly used :P .. I don't see how they can be dangerous. All files, not just PPS files can be 'dangerous'.. But in a EXE sense, I do not see the harm in them at all.

Just have a good virus program, like AVG or Antivir, etc and doesn't really matter, because it will halt the files. AVG has its own built in email viral checker.

Hugh FraserConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Like any other complex program, Powerpoint has vulnerabilities that will be exploited (no different from IE, Word, Firefox, ...). For a recent issue, check:


As always, supported software with current patches, an AV with current signatures, a firewall, and regular backups are your best defense.

It's all about balancing risk against business needs. A common practice is to do regular checks of the various security sites like isc.sans.org, your AV website, etc. and block particular filetypes when an outbreak is active until your AV vendor has an update to block it, and your internal processes have distributed it to clients.
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