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Just wondering does anyone know any good software to get models of hardware in a server. Basically i need to know the model of the fax card in my  fax server. Device mgr just given me  it is brooktrout frx stream board not the model and i have tried aida32 which was the same. I would prefer ( would save me coming in a weekend!!!) to not have to open the server and physically check.

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To get the actual manufacturer and not the boxed manufacturer look on the back (or maybe front) of the physical card, it will have a CE number (or IIRC an IDD No). This number can be used to find the exact manufacturer of whatever electrical product is in your PC by searching the CE database.

Leon TealePenetration TesterCommented:
try this command in run

BarepAssetsSys AdminAuthor Commented:
Cheers for the reply only the same info given brooktrout trx stream board no model any other ideas

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Have you tried "query modem" button; go to start \ settings \ control panel \ phones and modem options, then select the modem then select its properties then select diagnostic tab, push query modem button, wait a few seconds then you will get full information in modem information window.

You have to run that remotely or ask someone to do it for you.

BarepAssetsSys AdminAuthor Commented:
the fax card is not listed as a modem thanks anyway any other suggestions it is more looking like i am just going have to open up the server??
You can use AT command at HyperTerminal like ATI0, ATI1, ATI3 and above, This command is very model specific. I0 usually returns a number or code,
while higher numbers often provide much more useful information.

For a complete set of Hayes command set you can check the following wiki:

Starting HyperTerminal
- Open HyperTerminal by clicking Start , Programs , Accessories , Communications , and finally HyperTerminal .
- Next, double-click the HyperTerminal icon, and then click Cancel . After typing each "AT" command press Enter to elicit a response.

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