Need to run windows on 15.5.3

Before I had an old OS and I was running Virtual PC and Windows 2000.
Now I want to run my old Virtual disc Windows 2000 on my new OS 15.5.3.

I discovered that I cant run Virtual PC anymore my new computer is a Intel.

What program can I use to run my VM on my new Intel mac thats free and supports old Virtual PC vm disc I dont want to install windows again?
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Not sure there's anything free.  Virtual Box is free, but I'm not sure that it converts Virtual PC VMs.  I'd suggest going with either VMware Fusion or parallels.  Both are fine products that should convert over your VPC VM and are reasonably priced.

For consumers, there are 2 commercial products used for Virtual machines on Mac OS X.  The first is Parallels, and the other is VMWare.  I have used Parallels, which is very good.  VMWare I have not personally used but it apparently supports Virtual PC ( .  Look under "Tools For Switching")  You can download a free trial to test, so I would advise doign this before purchasing.
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