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computer running win 2k pro needs to be able to print to an xp machine.  The printer is an HP Laserjet attached to the XP Machine.  The printer is shared.  When I try to connect it says the drivers are not available.  I've downloaded the drivers from the HP website.  Should I install the drivers on both machines or just on the client?
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fsze88Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First, you install the HP printer driver on XP pc,

1)then on XP pc
from menu select control panel -> printer and fax
right click the HP Laserjet select sharing
click share printer option.

2)on 2000 pro goto \\<XP name>
you should see the HP Laserjet, then right click and connect.
It should works on 2000 pro
If not, install the printer driver as well on 2000 pro
Francis SZE

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