Can not logon to a vista machine on a win 2003 network.

We are getting to error message when we try to logon to Vista machines on out win 2003 network. It was working fine fo rthe last month and suddenly this happened. There was one change on the GPO and that was to not allow the domain administartor to apply the GPO as we don't want the servers to apply the GPO.
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romans3Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Go to regedit and go to


Delete the key : DisplayLastLogonInfo

Reboot PC plug in network cable and logon
AstraeusLTDConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you log in at all?  If so, what errors do you see in the event log that are associated with login problems.  Theese errors may be under the source "USERENV".
romans3Author Commented:
I can log on if I pull out the network cable and the logon, I can then plug the cable back in and work as normal. See Event Log extracts in attached file
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romans3Author Commented:
I am not sure if the file were attached in my previous comment but here it is again
wyliecoyoteukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have disabled the "show last user" option in the GPO, by the sound of it.
romans3Author Commented:
Sorry for only answering now. I was away on business. I disabled all GPOs on AD. When the problem started I did try to disable the "show last user" ption on the Vista machines directly but that did not solve the problem.
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