deploy SP3 using GPO

Im installing SP3 using a GPO on the network. All seems to be fine but its not doing what i was hoping it would do.
Im using a test PC.
The GPO (which has the SP3.msi assigned to computer policy) seems to apply as i get the apply server managed softare sp3 being applied when i log onto the client pc. But all it seems to do is add a short cut to the desktop which i have to click for the service pack to be applied.
I was hoping SP3 would be applied automatically with no user intervention.
Am i doing something wrong or is this the norm for installing SP3 using a GPO.
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PeaceChaserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What group policy does is "publish" the package, and the users can choose to install it on demand. That seems to be exactly what you are seeing.

Take a look here:

The whole article is pretty decent, if you don't mind the overload of information, but to summarize - Microsoft specifically states that group policy is not intended for service pack\update distribution. You can do it, but you have to be creative, and it can easily get VERY messy. For example, there isn't really any way to tell if SP3 is already installed, so you could end up installing it on every logon. You don't want that.

I think what you may want to look into rather is SMS distribution, which is built in to the recent Windows Server versions. This appears to be the "correct" way to roll out service packs, updates, and the like.

Personally, I used a program called Italc to remotely execute the installation.

An option would be to obtain SP3 from:
Place the file on a universally shared location on your server
Create either a login script or a GPO to run the .exe with the /passive switch.

If you need more detailed instructions, let me know.

Dicanio37Author Commented:
Yes more info on runnig the .exe.file using a GPO if thats possible.
But still dont understand why it working the way it is at mo
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