How to read academic papers faster?

I can't read fast and it always takes me one or two days to understand an academic paper consist of just about 7,8 pages and it's an important skill for a graduate student .It bother me for ages, who can give me some advices? thanks a lot.
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Have not come accross anything better than this. should work for most people.
Only worry I have is that speed reading techniques will work to improve both reading speed, and information retention, but they will not give you the ability to understand technical information behind the words. e.g. you will remember the words of the text OK, but deeper understanding may still take some time.
Speed reading is the answer. One of the tricks is just read the text and don't discuss the text in your mind. Just keep on reading the chapter while absorbing the information. After the chapter, start thinking about the content and make a mindmap.
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It will also help to study the academics you need to understand better.  

Take more time to study and less play time in addition to the speed reading & memory retention techniques.  By studying specifics to what you are trying to read faster you will build your personal knowledge base and retain what you read easier and faster.  

It also helps to take key point notes when you are studying.  This allows you to imprint the important points to yourself.  Try not to get distracted.  A quiet place to do your reading that is well lit and has ample space for spreading out a bit.....not the couch.
Oh yeak almost, review, review.  Take your point key notes and peruse them at the start of your study lesson.  Each time you review you will assist in retaining the info.
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7-8 pages of text can be read in 5-20 minutes, depending on how fast you read.  Comprehension is a different issue.

Are you having problems with actual reading speed, or the time it takes to comprehend and master the material?

Techniques are different.

To improve comprehension of text, you should:

First Sitting:
- read biographical info on authors (understand where they're coming from)
- read introductory material (understand where they're taking you)
- if not provided, make your own outline.  Section and subsection titles should be a clue on how the author is organizing the information
- read the paper, writing notes/questions in light pencil (Post-It notes are handy, in case you answer the question and no longer require the note)

Second Sitting:
- review outline (and any notes/questions)
- find and read citations/footnotes (understand what they've researched)
- try to answer any questions you've written

Third Sitting:
- review outline
- review notes/questions
- read introductory material
- read paper
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
This is a speed reading product that has worked very well for a handful of people that I know personally, its a little bit spendy but well worth every penny.  Most of them were previously able to read a standard novel page in 3-5 minutes, and given time and effort were able to get down to reading the same in 20-30 seconds average between them.  I don't know anyone that tried it and did not show significant improvement after using it for a couple months.  no I don't work for them :0
Nancy McCulloughCommented:
I've gone through this graduate school load of reading hell - I know what you're talking about - lol

My approach that managed to get me through the piles of books and papers:

1) Read the first and last sentence of each paragraph to get the synopsis of what's being talked about.

2) Read from top to bottom - that is, one or two words per sentence, straight down the page. 80% is filler.

3) Re-read the 1st and last paragraphs - they are the gold mine!

This homemade technique got me through grad school with A's and B's - give it a shot!

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Nancy McCulloughCommented:
Another method:

As you go through the document:

1) Outline main points and key terms and words (note pg # for reference) in 1st and last sentence of each paragraph.
2) Quickly read through to ensure you understand context
when you have a paper pending to read before reading write down the headers if it does not have headers write down the paragraph starts after this you will see that you wont be needing to read the unnecessary parts and understand the main theme.


It would be waste if this this thread were to be deleted.  There is a lot of good advice that should be available in a PAQ,
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I'm in complete agreement with Waterstreet. There is a ton of info in this thread that could be used by many people for years to come...

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