serialized object is losing values

hi i have an aspx 2.0 page calling a webservice

that i call in the following fashion:

SearchResultsVO searchResultsVO = null;
SearchParameterVO searchParameterVO = new SearchParameterVO("abc", 123);
SchemeSearchProxy proxy = new SchemeSearchProxy(); //instanciate the wsdl generated proxy
proxy.Url = serviceURL; // give the proxy a url of the service
searchResultsVO = proxy.GetSchemeSummary(searchParameterVO);

i can step through this into the webservice "GetSchemeSummary" method.

But once into the webservice.GetSchemeSummary - my object "searchParameterVO" has lost its values.

But the second before i call the web method it is fully populated with values.

does anyone have any ideas please?

ps my searchParameterVO object is [serializable]
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Bob LearnedCommented:
That is a great question, and I don't have a specific answer, but I do have questions:

1) Is this your web service?

2) Do you have any service packs installed?

3) Is this a simple, "Hello World" kind of web service, or is this a simple part of a complex web service?
MrKevorkianAuthor Commented:
1. yes.
2. yes.
3. its returns a custom class.

I actually figured this out.  I did not have "set" methods on my class properties i only had get methods.

i added setters and the values were present!!

thanks for you intererest

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