Paste a graphic from windows clipboard into a browser.

Hi, we want some users of our ASP.NET application to be able to take a screen shot via their windows XP PCs (they have two monitors running two applications) and paste it into an active "box" within an audit
application, we can paste txt into a box, but want to be able to paste a screen shot and then save it within our ASP.NET application.

Any Ideas?
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Leon TealePenetration TesterCommented:
hmmmm make waht ever program it is you are wanting to take a screen print it be the internet or an emal or a pop up window...make it the active winto..icase hat doesnt make sense just make it so that window is on top and then press Alt+ prnt scrn

this should hopefully pinpoint your screen print from either of the two screens and allow you to do waht you want :)
exact1Author Commented:
sorry did not explain very well......

users have two monitors, running our application on one and another application on the other monitor, we want them to be able to take a screenshot of one application and paste that using their windows clipboard screenshot as a picture into our ASP application, say into a box or somthing, they can then click save and the paste stays as a picture etc in our application...

copy and paste txt from one to the other is fine, but they want to be able to use screenshots.


Leon TealePenetration TesterCommented:
im still confused you say they cannot screen shot?

or they can but it wont paste across?
they dont have to use windows clipboard screenshot to copy and paste a screen shot
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exact1Author Commented:
its "how" do you get the windows clipboard to paste a picture (screenshot) into any ASP.NET application as we have not done that before. Thanks.
Leon TealePenetration TesterCommented:
im sorry i must just be drawing a complete blank lol...

once you screenshot...just edit -> paste  or rightclick -> paste

maybe paste special
To clarify: you want to take a screenshot from an application, and paste it directly into a browser window so it will save with a record displayed in that web application, correct?

With automated processes and some database integration, you can simulate what you're trying to do. A screen capture program could automatically save the selection, then a button on the website could tell it to load the most recent screen capture in a given directory, and the site could display it that way. Write all the data into a database, so the web app knows how to keep a specific screen capture tied to a specific record.

But as for copy/paste, a browser won't handle an image in the manner you want - it just isn't the way HTML works. It has to have a graphic file to render. Flash might have some functionality in this regard, but I'm not advanced enough in Flash to know for sure.
exact1Author Commented:

thats exactly what I want to do!!

I have seen some ASP code stuff after googling it, but not had full chance to test it yet.
Basically, you're going to have to do the following steps:

1. Capture screen from Application A.
2. Save screen capture to pre-determined directory.
3. User input from Application B (yours) with button click triggers your application.
4. Application B grabs the most recent screen capture in the pre-determined directory and displays it.
5. Application B can auto-update the record in the database with the location of the associated image.

If multiple users are saving images to the same directory, you don't want person A updating their active record with a screenshot from person B. Either make sure the filename is auto-saved with a unique identifier, or better still, save the screenshot locally on the workstation for the application to pull from. Then the application could rename and resave the file in a common folder on the network, so anyone pulling up that record will see the screenshot. So there will be 2 components: the record in the database, and the graphic of the screenshot (the location of which is referenced in the database).

The main thing is the screen capture software. Windows' little "print screen" function isn't powerful enough to make it a seemless operation. Some 3rd party screen capture can do it - for example. I'm not very familiar with screen capture software, so I can't recommend any, but according to the etrusoft website, it can auto-save, which is the main feature you want to make this as seamless as possible.
exact1Author Commented:
thats great thanks, I will look in this next week.
exact1Author Commented:
We ended up using Java Script and pasting the clipboard into MS paint.

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