Certificate based client authentication

We are starting to test iPhone and its connectivity to Exchange via ActiveSync. I was wondering if it is possible to authenticate iPhone device using certificates. So connection via ActiveSync will require two way verification: iPhone verifying server certificates and server verifying iPhone certificates. This is to stop users from usning unauthorized devices on our network.
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kguy18Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can. Best way to do that is with the iPhone Configuration Utility found here:


Also take a look at the deployment guide here:

as per the deployment guide:

Exchange ActiveSync Features Not Supported
Not all Exchange features are supported, including, for example:
Folder management
Opening links in email to documents stored on SharePoint servers
Task synchronization
Setting an out of office autoreply message
Creating meeting invitations
Flagging messages for follow-up
Client certificate-based authentication
Is the private key for the client certificate in the keychain and protected by phone's passcode?
will the iphone connect to activesync using its client certificate before entering the phone's passcode?
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