vBulletin Skin Issues 2


Please see the attachment.

The live site is here:

I need help with making the changes outlined in the screenshot.  I have also attached the original mockup.

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Hey there again mate,

I can take a look at it for you if you wish, but seems like some issues with the css stylesheet and images. However it would be good to grab a copy of the full layout so I can check it out.

Having the files that you got without editing, the 'mockup' (hellocruise.com) would be pretty great too. Or an example of the website currently online/link to the files.  I know you may not wish to give the files out, so I did make a quick account on the forums as well, 'Valleriani'. It seems it might be a hassle without the files.

But if you wish, you can post all the files here and everyone can see/figure it out :)
RAH104Author Commented:
Valleriani - I have sent you an email (got it off forum registration) with the details.

Everyone else - you may still post suggestions.  If Valleriani solves the issues via email then the question will be awarded to him.

Hey mate, it took a few hours, but it seems good now.

The image for the background image where the heading was improper that you created, I fixed it for you. You created a bad image file, basicly. Right now it is being hosted at http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/482/tcatalt2sk6.gif  ... Please get that file, and change the link in Additional CSS Definitions to a home link, until then it will be remotely called from imageshack which is slow.

I also had to change several headers because they had borders. This should be good now. There was a advanced page that displayed some information about new players just above the What's going on? I had to uninstall it and I wanted to reinstall it, much like I did for the templates to get them to be proper, XML wise. When I tried to reinstall it, an issue is occuring, most likely because vbSEO isn't updated, which you do need to get solved or whoever owns it.. I did however save the plugin so it is still here. The plugin is called Cyb - Advanced Forum Stats, and it had a bad border around it, I fixed that, but it won't allow me to install any plugin via XML. But I will give you the plugin at your e-mail.

The rest should be good, just remember to download that image as I stated at imageshack and upload the image + update the additional css definations to your server. Just search for the imageshack link and you will find it.

Sorry about the Cyb issue with the plugin. I did not realize it was bugged out.
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RAH104Author Commented:
Excellent work, very impressed!

I changed the link back to a local one after uploading the latest version of that image.

Quick question - the small grey line issue appears to have returned (remember you corrected it last time?).

Hey mate, did you grab the file http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/482/tcatalt2sk6.gif ? Overwrite the current tcat.gif or whatever image you are currently using and it will solve!
RAH104Author Commented:
Yes, that's what I already did and the issue is currently visible.
Looks like you got it :) Was just about to take a look at it
Just for reference, for the table fixing, I had to remove the category (tcat), and change it to tcat_alt, and move it OUT of the table. In the table is standard, so if you add new files, you may have to edit them.. For example..

<div class="tcat_alt">

<table class="tborder" cellpadding="$stylevar[cellpadding]" cellspacing="$stylevar[cellspacing]" border="0" width="100%" align="center">...........

Before, the tcat was INSIDE (after the <table...) thus the border was being created around it!
RAH104Author Commented:
The grey line is still showing in FireFox 3 however not in IE7.

Additionally I've just noticed that the border around the welcome login section is still there and that box should be seperated so there is a space below per the comments on the attached screenshot.

I shall check this out in a second.
I will be updating the stylesheet, so don't worry about the tbar image again, I'll adjust it since I need to remake something to work in ff
God damin issues, anyways.

I also solved a centering issue with FF with the areas like "Centrum Deck" and "What's Going On?"...

The image should work great, use http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/2487/tcataltth6.gif now for it. Just rename it to be totally different and add it again to the css sheet, hopefully will work out this time. So adjust the image to that.

There is now a space like all forums for the welcome page. Headin to sleep, hopefully is what you want, if not holler later.

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Also feel free to open up another question if this ones done. Doing more work then its worth on one question :P
RAH104Author Commented:
Excellent work - thank you.  Sorry for the delay, forgot this question was still open and just received a reminder email.
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