run-time error '429' ActiveX component can't create object

run-time error '429'  ActiveX component can't create object
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mirzasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have office installed on the new machine?

Give more details.
JCRXAuthor Commented:
Yes office 2003 is on all machines.
Looked at the app setup on the "old and working"  machine
Had to map a drive to the files becuase the app noted an "R:" drive as missing. Once that was done I could test the app on the old box.
If I duplicate that on a "new" pc with office, etc. it still responded with a "429"

Have already compared the registry LocalServer values from old to new (identical)

Wondering now about our security baseline and whether it may have implemented a policy that is not showing up on the old machine.
JCRXAuthor Commented:
Lots of good answers to look at .. but none addressed the issue! Visual Basic, Studio , etc.. may be impacted by new FedGov Security policies and as such may drive re-compiles, to correct!
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