Active sync does not retrieve all messages or calendar


I have a Samsung Omnia with Windows Mobile 6. I have set up active sync to get my emails, contacts and calendar from our Exchange 2003 server. I have set it up to sync to with the ssl box checked and entered in my password etc.

We are running one exchange server that is clustered (active/passive), it is not set up as a front end and does not use forms authentication. We have an ssl certificate applied so the folders are set up with basic authentication and require ssl. I read that this wouldn't work as standard because activesync does not use ssl so I followed the MS knowledgebase article (817379) to set it up.

Now I have a problem when I synchronise. I do not get all my emails from my inbox. For example I currently have 17 items in my inbox and when I sync I only get 3 of then. One from today, one from yesterday and one from over a week ago (random as far as I can make out). My contacts seem to synchronise fine and I get nothing from my calendar. It also does not work if I set the sync to 'as items arrive' it is as though it doesn't check.

I wondered if someone might have done the same set up and have some pointers I have missed.

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On the mobile device you have settings for ActiveSync that determine how far back it will download.

Check - In ActiveSync on the device, go to Configure Server and when you get to the Edit Server Settings screen you should be able to edit Settings for Contacts, Calendar, Email and Tasks.

Your email may be set to the last two weeks ... change it to All if you want everything ... don't forget it may fill the memory of your device.
piemckayAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks for your response. I have it set to the last month and download headers only. Unfortunately it seems to miss out random emails. So it downloaded one for today, but actually I have 5 in my inbox.
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

I don't suppose there is any corellation between the emails that are not downloading?
piemckayAuthor Commented:
I'm not quite sure how to relate that question to this because I don't run front end. If I reset IIS I will have to make the changes as per the Microsoft article again. Although it certainly seems like IIS could be the problem.

I can't see any similarities between the emails that haven't come down.
piemckayAuthor Commented:
I've had a play with IIS and it seems to be synchronising properly now. The only thing I can't get to work is if I set it to As Items Arrive and I don't get a notification. I do however seem to have all the correct emails.

I'll close the question, but thanks for directing me towards IIS.
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