Modal popup background dims in IE but not for other browsers. ie Background turns full grey in chrome.

Why does my AJAX modal popup only work properly in IE. I want to keep the effect of dimming the background with an opacity factor but chrome & firefox always just grey out the entire background. Is there something I am not doing?
.modalBackground {
	opacity = 0.7;

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JOHNFROGConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
resolved :)
if anyone is having the same problem i wish i could tell you exactly how i fixed it. The only thing that seems to stand out is that it all came good after I put a code breakpoint on the sub that fires the modal popup, stepped through it then when I returned to the browser the background was opaque.

really really weird.
JOHNFROGAuthor Commented:
btw I am using masterpages if that makes any difference.
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