Run php on different server

My Server runs Caucho Resin with jsp code. I also want to use PHP in my code, but I want PHP to be run on another server of mine, but included on my first server.

Can I do this? I don't want to use iframe.
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RowleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What about configuring your apache/mod_caucho box to reverse proxy url's back to the php server?

<Location /some/url>
ProxyPass              http://phphost/url/
ProxyPassReverse    http://phphost/url/

We use this setup for passing particular servlet url's off to third parties...
you can include php code off a different server using something like :

include '';

But that would still have to be inside a php page so you would also have to have php on the main server to run that.

What about
kvaadeAuthor Commented:
Server1 with caucho resin is my server.

A "customer" wants to run php on Server1.

I don't want:
1) to give customer access to Server1, no chroot jail, no access.
2) php from customer to potentially disturb Server1

I can give customer access to Server2 with php installed, but presentation should be on Server1...
include it as iframe then.... otherwise they DO have access as the php file is included from the main one.
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