Adding a Button for Quick Email

Is it possible to create a button in Outlook that when clicked would start a new message automatically assigned to a person?
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Create a macro to send the mail message:

Then right mouse click on the toolbar area of outlook go to macros and drag and drop your macro where you want it.
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
hmm i think its possible to set up a template for it...are you office 03 or 07?
By right click then select customize.. sorry thought I had that in. :)
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FilogixAuthor Commented:
OK, I created a macro, then a toolbar and added the macro to that toolbar.  When I click it I get nothing.  Here is the code i edited for the macro.

Sub Email_TS_Incident_CoOrdinators()
Dim objMail As Outlook.MailItem
Set objMail = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)

With objMail
  ' By default person will be added
  ' to the To area
  .Recipients.Add ("")
  .Subject = "Incident Report" & Date & Time
  ' Touching body makes it an RTF message
  .Body = "Incident report created at:" & Date & Time
  ' Touching HTMLBody makes it HTML
  '.HTMLBody = "This is the body in HTML."
End With

' Send it

' Display it
' objMail.Display

Set objMail = Nothing
End Sub
=) Well I tested myself and looks like it works well I ended up emailing that address...Doh! should have changed it. :) Hehe
It is simply emailing without you seeing anything. Check your sent items and you should see the message.  If you want to edit the body and put more details in, I would tie this behind a form and just have the macro call the form. Let me know if you need code to do that.

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FilogixAuthor Commented:
Had to remove the remarks coding so it would not autosend.  everything is working fine now.  Thanks
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