What product will allow me to copy my movies some in moviemaker format, some in mp4 and avi format to be able to transferred/converted onto a DVD and be read by ANY DVD player

What product will allow me to copy my movies some in moviemaker format, some in mp4 and avi format to be able to transferred/converted onto a DVD and be read by ANY DVD player

Using a PC
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jameshuntAuthor Commented:
Oh, great, will try them out, though it would be good to know which one is the cheapest and i assume it is a matter of trying it out to see if it works.
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Since your movies are already in MP4 and AVI format all you need is DVD burning software like Nero or Roxio.
If you are using Windows Movie Maker it's best to save the movies in AVI DV format, which is the highest quality before burning in Nero etc to DVD.
jameshuntAuthor Commented:
Hi fredshovel
But I am told that saving into moviemaker means the quality suffers but if I save the in Adobe Premier the files are massive and I get the best quality (but note my camera does not get recognised by Adobe Premier). Having got a good 3ccd camera I dont want to degrade my quality. But adobe Premier does not work.  Actually the format I have it in in is currently in moviemaker which I can convert to AVI or mpeg but quality not good enough.
Have you any suggestion as to how else to get my movie into my computer without buying another product or ok to pay again but I want one that works this time. Any ideas?
Moviemaker is not a format. Do you mean wmv?  All versions do not fully support mpeg either, unless you have some premium version with Vista.
For Windows Moviemaker to be a ligit editor they had to include the option to save the file back to the old miniDV tapes after editing. So if you use that format, which has an AVI extension you won't loose any resolution. It's called AVI DV (DV as in miniDV).
jameshuntAuthor Commented:
this is REALLY helpful.

I realise that the format .mswmm is the project file.
The file is saved in my Video folder saved in a format WMV

It would be best for me to carry on using Moviemaker as the camera is recognised and it all works.

The issue now is that I need to import from the camcorder in a better resolution that the standard WMV file. (Or is the best quality but because I was told that the file sizes are small compared to what Adobe Premier will import - giving the best quality I am assuming the quality is less)
However, there are no options in moviemaker in order to import in a different format. Or is there a way of doing this.

So I am now downloading the Ulead trail software to see if that can import my camcorder tape.   I can then import into movie maker for importing. I am using Vista.... or use Ulead.

If you can help further please do or add any comments and will accept this as solution and perhpas create fresh question.
Plug your camera into the PC via either the USB or Firewire. Click "Capture from video device" -- when you get to "settings" you choose "Digital Device format DV-AVI" (this is only available when you have your device connected -- and chosen".
This is the purest form of video -- even better than DVD quality MPEG-2.
When you come to save the video after editing, go to "movie settings" and choose "other settings"
Drop down the box and choose DV- AVI.

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With reference to the above, I'm talking about Windows Movie Maker.
jameshuntAuthor Commented:
Many thanks
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