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In Thunderbird v2.0.0.17, I have accidentally activated a feature that groups messages in my Inbox by day; I thought I was typing in Word, but Thunderbird was the active application, so some combination of letters typed turned the feature on. Now I get a bold header of "Old mail," under which is listed mail from before yesterday; then a bold header of "Yesterday," with yesterday's messages, then a bold header of "Today," with today's messages. Each header has a +/- box next to it, so the messages grouped under that header can be displayed or hidden.

I don't want the headers, but I'm not sure how I got them, so I can't figure out how to turn them off. I don't see any obvious menu options to do this. Any ideas?
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Hello ElrondCT,

Disable the threading of messages or grouping of messages by conversations. Make sure the following option is unchecked.

Hope this helps!
ElrondCTAuthor Commented:
This didn't really hit the spot, since the messages were independent of each other, not in conversations. However, you got me looking at the column headers, and I found that if I clicked on another column header, the grouping by date went away, and didn't come back when I click on the date header again.

A little more poking around online found the cause: The View/Sort By menu option had been set to Group by Sort. Pressing G (all by itself, no Ctrl or Alt) while Thunderbird is running causes that option to be set.

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