Edit HTA file that uses VB Script to run as a website

I have an HTA file that uses VB Script to query active directory. Using Visual Studio 2008, I want to use/convert this code into an ASP page. This will allow people without rights to submit queries without touching ADUC directly.
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Refael AckermannCommented:
This is not trivial work.
I'm estimating this at half a day's work of someone with ASP experience.
JB4375Author Commented:
Excellent... that's what I was afraid of. LOL. Were currently moving towards having a parent page with a list of links to all the script pages. Click the link and the child section of the page displays the intended script website.
Any scripts that are currently standalone need to be setup as a web page. Oh well, I guess I'll be a master at it by the time I'm done.
JB4375Author Commented:
Granted this is an advanced script, ok... maybe very advanced, if nobody wants to tackle it, (cough) Rob (cough), could someone direct me to a link that would illustrate how to take an existing simple hta file and do this? I'll muddle through the details.
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Refael AckermannCommented:
I'll try to give a few pointers:

Wrap your HTML with a tag similar to . This will allow the page to send parameters back to the server.

Change the "Window_OnLoad" sub to perform server logic. That is, perform the query according to posted form parameters and not HTML selection, and render values as instead of direct DHTML manipulation.

You need to replace all the client side events' logic to refresh the page and post the form to the server (lines starting with "vbs:").

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JB4375Author Commented:
I gather from the comments that this question was more difficult than could be handled here, or maybe I was completely off base in that this wouldn't be the way to handle this type of problem. Acknowledged and requested a link that would give me better direction to proceed. I felt that considering the comments as to this problems difficulty, that the following suggestions weren't much to go on. They may be 100% spot on, but again I don't have the knowledge to assess it. Awarded A and total points for what help I did get, no one else responded, and that I didn't want to do anything to adversely affect the Experts rating.
Refael AckermannCommented:
JB4375Author Commented:
This looks good. I'll check it out.
Thanks again!!
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