Custom PC.... Randomly doesnt post.

Hey everyone. The machine i just built is a new build however, it randomly doesnt post. When its up and running its fine. No crashes no lock ups but, the only time the pc wont post is if you shut the comptuer down while in boot up and you hold the power button down. It has to be an unexpected shutdown from windows or within the boot up. Restarts its fine however anytime of coldboot thats unexpected makes the machine not post the next time around. The specs are. Asus M3N72-D motherboard. AMD Phenom 9600 CPU. Kingston Value Ram and nvidia 9800gtx Graphics card and a 650 PSU ANTEC. The memory right now is in guaged mode.Any suggesttions?

Done so far:
Flashed the bios to most up to date.
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SirusComputersConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I Shipped back the motherboard and i replaced it. Works fine now thanks
Leon TealePenetration TesterCommented:
isnt there a setting within the bios telling when to post>
Yes, check the bios for the "On AC Power Loss" or "Power Button" setting and change it to Stay Off or On/Off.
Different bioses say it differently, and put it in different places
Try looking in the Power Managment section.
Does you computer beep when it dosn't post?

I'd run a memtest first for at least a few hours.

If the memory is fine, there are chances that the graphic card is not getting enough power. Try use a different cable to feed the graphic card.

Hope that helps.
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